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Stella McCartney: Where Luxury Meets Eco Friendly

I browse through handbags online at Nordstrom way more than I should. I like to sort the bags by price from cheap to never gonna happen and I hit my threshold pretty quickly. Some days I just stop there, but other days I prefer to live in a fantasy where I can afford all of the handbags in the world. Well on this particular day I decided to live a little and I noticed a Stella McCartney bag called the “Eco Tote”. Since starting my blog, words like “eco”, “natural”, and “sustainable” tend to grab my attention (along with words like “sale” and “50% off”).

So I hopped over to Stella’s website to figure out why this bag is considered “eco” and was amazed at the McCartney commitment to sustainability. From her stores to her products, sustainability is taken into consideration.  I don’t even know where to begin!

Essentially my reaction. This is the post I was born to write! Let’s do this.

First off, all of the UK stores, offices, and studios are powered by wind energy. Additionally, 45% of sites outside the UK run completely on renewable energy and the rest run partially on green energy.

Stella has always had a passion for animals. She is a lifetime vegetarian and has vowed not to use leather in her products, but still ensure the highest quality. This is a little tricky because many faux leather materials aren’t great for the environment. Therefore, she has developed a leather alternative called “Eco Alter Nappa”. She uses this material for all of her eco handbags, which are called Beckett bags. One way that this material is more earth friendly is the innovative coating that is made up of 50% vegetable oil.

And that’s not all! Each Beckett handbag is designed so that it can be folded flat. This reduces packaging and shipping materials and energy. And ya wanna know something even cooler? The bags inner lining is made from recycled plastic bottles. Pretty neat, huh? Now check out these beauties!

The Beckett Bag (Eco Tote)


Beckett Bag

The Beckett Envelope Clutch

Beckett Envelope Clutch


The Beckett Shoulder Bag

Beckett Shoulder Bag


The Beckett Mini Bag

Beckett Mini Bag


I love how all of these bags are simple yet oh so sophisticated.

Although some of her products contain polyester (which isn’t great for the environment), I like that she understands that her products are a work in progress and focuses on making strides in the right direction. Check out this bit of wisdom:

“We also know that sustainability isn’t just one thing, it isn’t just organic cotton – it’s organic cotton, plus wind energy, plus not using PVC, plus thousands of other little steps that eventually make a more sustainable company. In many ways we are just beginning our journey towards becoming more sustainable, but we are dedicated to continuing our work towards being able to replace what we have taken from the environment. We will continue to consider the impact we have on the planet as we design clothing, open stores and manufacture our products. We will probably never be perfect, but you can rest assured that we are always trying.”

Here are some of the ambitious goals she has set for 2016:

• Reducing our carbon emissions, waste and water usage resulting from the production of products and services by 25%, while accounting for the growth of our business.
• 100% of paper and packaging will be sourced from certified sustainably managed forests with a minimum of 50% recycled content.
• 100% of gold and diamonds will be sourced from verified operations that do not have a harmful impact on local communities, wildlife or the ecosystems which support them

My goal is to start saving my money now and maybe by 2016 I can actually afford a Beckett Bag. Stella’s goals are a little nobler than mine… But any who, I am hoping that Stella’s initiatives will eventually become common practice in the fashion industry. I’m excited to see what’s to come in the future!