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Friday Finds

Friday Finds 3.6.15

Check out what I’ve been checkin’ out this week…

1. Love is love.

2. Northern California may be known for its wine, but it is also home to some awesome, natural beauty brands. 

3. After watching this I not only want to eat a massive amount of jelly beans, but I also want to make the most of my day. 

4. Fast fashion is out and slow fashion is in.

5. So what are you up to on Sunday around 1 o’clock (EST)? The correct answer is watching Emma Watson’s #HeforShe and Gender Equality discussion live on Facebook. I’ll bring the popcorn!

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Monday Motivation

Because Mondays are hard and sometimes we need a little inspiration…

Cookie MonsterBecause I clearly didn’t have enough cookies last night… And why isn’t the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday? Can someone make that happen? Get Obama on the phone. Anyway, even though today isn’t a holiday, make the best of it. Be present. Enjoy every moment and cookie.