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H&M Conscious Collection: Fashionably Sustainable and Sustainably Fashionable

In April H&M’s Conscious Collection finallyyyyy made its way to the US. The collection is comprised of everything from basic tees to pretty lace dresses. All the items in the line are produced in a more ethical and sustainable manner. I love that an affordable store is making the transition to appeal to conscious shoppers.

Fast fashion stores have gotten some heat in the past few years because of their environmental impact. They sometimes use inexpensive production methods and materials that aren’t great for the environment, but allow them to offer cheaper prices. H&M is making an effort to change that. To reduce their impact, H&M has come up with Seven Commitments, which have driven their goal to become more sustainable.

Seven Commitments

As a result of these commitments, here are some of their accomplishments from 2013:


I recently bought a pair of pants from the Conscious Collection.  The pants are 50% organic cotton and extremely cozy.

pantsoutfitconscious tag

That’s me in the middle. The mysterious blogger has been revealed!!! TA DA! These pants are perfect for a warm spring/cool summer day. You can easily pair them with a tank top or flowy tunic. The material is wicked thin so they’re very breathable. These lovely pants can be yours for the low price of $24.95. You can check out the rest of the collection HERE. If you want to check it out in store, you can easily spot the conscious items by their green tag. Hopefully this is just the start to a great endeavor!