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There’s A Party Going On Right Here

Cupcake 1

I love any excuse to eat a cupcake…

For the Greater Goods is officially one year old! Wow. Honestly, where has the time gone? I can’t believe a year ago today I posted for the first time on For the Greater Goods. Although I created the blog in January, it wasn’t until February 19th that I worked up the courage to publish my first post and I am so glad I took that first step.

I’ve come a long way and learned an incredible amount about blogging and myself since then. I could go on and on about all the lessons I’ve learned, but I’ll spare everyone a novel length post. But one thing I do want to say is, thank you. And I don’t mean to get too sappy here, but words can’t describe how much your support means to me. I’ve taken on a mission to spread awareness and YOU are the reason I keep writing. And for that I thank you!

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Orange Harp Conscious Gift Guide (For Him)

Last week, after discovering the Orange Harp app, I created a gift guide/wish list for the ladies, but I couldn’t leave the fellas out of the fun. So here is a conscious gift guide for all the lucky gents in your life. All of these products can be bought on the Orange Harp app. Enjoy!

Orange Harp Gift Guide for Him


In the links below you can learn more about how each of these products gives back.

1. Mako Shark Crew Neck Tee by Purakai

2. The Thursday Pocket Square by Love Quixotic

3. Whistler Reversable Jacket by Ecoalf

4. Cable Beanie by Pirakai

5. The Margret Socks by Miscoots

6. Leather Belt by Sword & Plough

7. iPad Sleeve by Rickshaw Bagworks

8. Alabama Home Tee by The Home. T (there’s a tee for every state)