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“Back To School To Prove To Dad I’m Not A Fool”

Even though I graduated college two years ago, the end of August will always be synonymous with going back to school. Oh how I miss the new pens, notebooks, and whatever other gadget I found at Staples and deemed “necessary” for the new school year.

In honor of the new school year I’ve put together some bags, totes, and backpacks that will definitely make you too cool for school (or whatever else you’d like to use it for).


Mend Tote

Mend is a social enterprise that works with Invisible Children to empower women affected by LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) conflict in Uganda. Each of these bags has a story. The printed picture represents something a Mend seamstress has bought with her salary earned while making and designing bags. Also, on the bag’s inside pocket is the name and background of the seamstress who made your bag.

These Mend bags are made of 100% cotton canvas, which makes them durable and structured yet still pliable, which is perfect for cramming all your books in.

Sea Bags

Sea Bags Totes

I am very pleased to introduce this next set of bags because the company was founded in my home state of Maine. The company is built around three philosophies: keep production local, be green in product and practice, and be involved in the community.

These bags are handmade out of recycled boat sails, which makes them wicked durable. It doesn’t get any more Maine than that!

Stone + Cloth

Stone+Cloth Totepack

It’s a tote. It’s a backpack. It’s a totepack! These brilliant bags are made by Stone + Cloth, which has partnered with the Knock Foundation in order to spread educational opportunities in East Africa. The Knock Foundation provides scholarships to kids in East Africa where the government requires families to pay tuition to send their children to primary and secondary school. Since many families can’t afford it, the Knock Foundation is helping to make education more available.

FEED Projects

FEED Pouches

So now that you’ve picked out a cute bag, you obviously need a pouch to hold all your loose pens and accessories. Each FEED product has a built in donation set into the price. The donations go toward providing meals to people all over the world. So far they have provided 84 million meals globally with the help of World Food Programme and Feeding America.

Now you’re totes ready to head back to school!


Go Green for St. Paddy’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! In conjunction with the green of Saint Patrick’s Day, I decided to share a company that produces eco-friendly bags and it is called BAGGU. I wish I could remember where I heard of this company, but once you hear the word BAGGU, it is hard to forget. BAGGU produces a wide array of colorful, simple, versatile, and affordable bags. All of the products are constructed in a way to minimize material/production waste and ensure high quality. Each bag is made out of nylon, canvas, or leather.

Nylon: Although nylon itself is not bio degradable (and therefore not totally eco-friendly), nylon is sturdy and can be reused infinitely. These BAGGU bags can hold up to 50 pounds and are made to last for years. But if you are ever ready to part ways with your nylon BAGGU, don’t throw it away! BAGGU has set up a nylon recycling program where you can send your bag back to be recycled into a new bag and in return you receive a discount on a future purchase.BAGGU Standard (right) BAGGU 3D Zip (left)

Above is one of their nylon designs called the Standard BAGGU (on the right), which comes in three convenient sizes. There are so many uses for a simple bag like this. It is small enough where you could just scrunch it up into your purse or pocket and whip it out when needed.  The first thing that pops into my head when I see this bag is a reusable bag for groceries. If you have a lot of groceries and want to carry a bunch of bags at once, you can store them in the 3D Zip BAGGU (pictured on the left). How convenient!

BAGGU Duckbag, Backpack, Weekender, Duffel

Canvas: All of the cotton canvas bags are made out of pre-consumed, recycled cotton. To me, the canvas bags designs shout travel. They offer a duckbag (I have no idea why its called this) and backpack which would be great for school, work (if it is a casual environment), hiking, the beach, or any another other day trip kind of activity. They also offer a variety of weekend bags, which you could use for, well obviously, a weekend trip. And lastly, there is the duffel bag for longer trips.

BAGGU Wedge Pouch

Leather: The BAGGU leather bags are more expensive than the other materials, but great if you want a more sophisticated look. BAGGU works with a tannery that documents and manages their operations to minimize the impact on the environment. They also conserve leather by using the leftover scraps from the larger bags to make the smaller leather accessories.  Of all the leather options, I think I like the tiny wedge coin purse the best. I love the unique shape. You could put it on your key ring and use it to hold coins (obviously), headphones, chap stick/lip gloss, gum… I think I might have just sold one to myself!

All three material options are great ways to initiate going green and support BAGGU’s green business practices. So which BAGGU is for you? Check all the bags out at: