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Hi, I’m Annie! In this little spot I will tell you the story of what inspired me to write this blog. I graduated college in 2012 where I studied business and focused on strategic management. One management class I took focused on solving complex problems on a very large scale (ex. world hunger, health, education, etc.). The process of simplifying these complex problems into manageable actions was something I took to very quickly.

Since I went to a business school, many of the solutions we analyzed were through social entrepreneurship. The idea of using business strategies to solve big problems fascinated me and with each product, company, and idea we learned about, my passion grew. I think the world of business can get a bad rap sometimes for being greedy, but there are businesses out there that are doing great things and I am here to spread the word.

The ultimate goal of my blog is to spread awareness about problems in the world and the actions people have taken to solve them. I hope to show you some great causes and products and how easy it can be to help. Whether my posts generate actions, donations, or conversations, I will feel I have done my job.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your blog while completing a Blogging 101 assignment to follow five new topics and follow five new blogs. I entered “yoga” as a new topic name and, voila!
    I find your blog very interesting and unique. 🙂

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