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There are three things that are important when making a first impression in business: a good attitude,  firm handshake, and business card.

Luckily, I learned about handshakes in college. Only at a business school, amiright? But apparently I missed out on Business Cards 101. So when I decided to make business cards for my blog, I was totally overwhelmed. Rectangles or squares? Glossy finish? Rounded edges? Two sided? Font size? Pictures? Logos? Wording? Oh my!

I wanted them to be different, but not obnoxious.Memorable, but for the right reasons. So I bounced around the web for some tips and tricks and came across this website that really simplified the process for me.

As I was searching for card companies, I came across, which offers business card templates or gives you the freedom to design your own cards. After looking through all the templates, I decided to design my own cards. The templates served as great inspiration, but I really wanted to make the cards my own and I am very happy with how they came out.

card front

card back

When I saw this quote I KNEW it had to somewhere on my card. I feel like it fits perfectly.

It would only be appropriate that my business cards were made out of 100% recycled paper and I love that had this option. I’m glad that I did not have to sacrifice quality or my vision for a product that’s better for the environment.

I think business cards are a great way to increase your reader base. You can give them to friends and family and ask them to help spread your message by giving them to their friends and family. You can also leave them at the gym or a coffee shop in your town. Get the word out about all of the cool things you’re doing! A business card is the great opportunity to make a strong first impression.

And don’t you just love the idea of saying, “I’ll give you my card”?

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