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Fruit To Go

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I first read about Matt’s Munchies in a Women’s Health Magazine article online. The article was discussing healthy snacks for when you’re on-the-go. Banana, carrot sticks, kale chips, blah blah blah, the usual. Towards the end I finally came across something new. The life changing recommendation was to eat some Matt’s Munchies with a handful of nuts. In my head I thought, “what in the world are Matt’s Munchies?”.

So I did my research and by golly I was sold immediately. Basically, Matt’s Muchies are really healthy fruit snacks. They’re made out of 100% USDA certified organic fruit puree (with no sugar added) and formed into little, thin, square strips.  They’re very similar to fruit leathers. There are a variety of flavors such as: mango, apricot, banana, apple, and raspberry. I have tried the mango as well as the apricot. I liked the apricot a little better, but both were tasty. Next on my to try list is apple and choco nana, which is a chocolate banana combination. It would be a great dessert alternative! You can check out all the flavors and buy them online here or they are also available at several Whole Foods locations. You can find a store that sells Matt’s Munchies near you by checking out their store locator.

Nana and Apples
Each pack contains 16 fruit squares. I usually just eat half a pack with my snack, but you can eat the whole pack if you like. If you don’t plan to eat a whole pack at once, I recommend storing the extras in a plastic bag. I made the mistake of leaving them out and opened my drawer to some very dry, crispy munchies.

Recently, I showed a co-worker my new discovery and he asked me why I couldn’t just eat fresh fruit. I replied, “This is just so much easier because I don’t worry about it rotting and can eat it whenever”. Pleasant, right? He quickly dropped the subject. But in my head I was thinking, “It’s because I can’t fit a full size USDA certified organic mango in my cute new Kate Spade cross body!”.

Anyway, fresh organic fruit should be a go-to if you can, but realistically it isn’t always an option for us on-the-go kind of people. Also realistically, I’m not on-the-go nearly as much as I think it am. It’s more that I’m lazy and just like snacks that are easy. The less prep, the faster it can get in mah belly. And the best part, this snack keeps the hungry monster in my stomach at bay until my next meal (or again more realistically, my next snack)!

Mango and Apricot


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