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/āl’kǝ-mē/: the art of transforming something common into something precious

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I came across Alkemie while browsing through Anthropologie online (one of my many non-productive pastimes) and knew I had to spread the word about this awesome jewelry company. The husband and wife duo behind Alkemie not only create beautiful and unique pieces, but are also big believers in sustainable business practices. All of their products are made by hand in Los Angeles with 100% reclaimed metal.

The jewelry makers say they take inspiration from: “our love for each other, our two daughters, Mother Earth and all of her creatures, and our passion for treasures from the past”. How precious! And each piece has a story behind it. For instance, the Double Feather Bangle’s description states: “The bird is always an inspirational animal to us!  We love the way these two feathers play off each other in this bangle.  It’s both delicate and fierce like many birds of prey.”  Every Alkemie item is truly a meaningful, wearable piece of art.

I have picked out a few Alkemie bracelets and put them in a slideshow below. I tried to find a wide variety. I focused on bracelets to help myself narrow down a small selection to show you, but they also make necklaces, earrings, rings, and belt buckles, all of which are equally beautiful. There are also men’s sizes available in most of the leather bracelets and a few of the bangles.  You can check out all that Alkemie offers here. I will warn you that they are a tad expensive.  I would guess the average price is over $200, but the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail are well worth it.

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Alkemie also believes that a big part of being a sustainable pioneer is supporting causes that are important to you. Therefore, each month Alkemie picks a cause they are passionate about and donates a portion of each sale to it. This month Alkemie is donating 5% of each sale to the Seva Foundation, which works to prevent blindness and restore sight worldwide. You can learn more at the Seva Foundation website.

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