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Keepin’ Up With What’s What

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Today I am going to do something a little different. Instead of informing you about another awesome socially conscious product, I am going to show you some quick, fun, and easy tools to stay up to date on the current happenings around the world. As the world seems to get smaller and smaller, being aware of current events helps you stay part of the global community. It also helps you build informed opinions and spark engaging discussions on issues that can impact your town, state, country, and world. Sometimes when we see what is happening around the world in full view, it can change our whole perspective on how we see our own life. There are many many many resources out there, but today I am just going to share with you three tools I have come across that can help you sift through large volumes of news to find what issues interests you.

ImageEvery morning while my tea is cooling off and my brain is warming up I read the Five Things to Know for Your New Day on Each morning it gives you a brief paragraph on that day’s five biggest stories. You can see today’s here. Every morning it is posted under The Latest on the CNN homepage, but you have to act quickly because it is usually gone by 10am.

For mobile information, my favorite app is Buzzfeed.  I like that it is easy to read, share, and bookmark articles. It also combines popular news with vital information, which makes it both fun and educational. I like that I can get updates about Russia and Ukraine, but find scientific articles about pizza. You can also customize a “My Feed” page on the app to show you the top articles from your favorite topics.

Last on my list is theSkimm, which is a daily email newsletter. Its motto is, “We read. You Skimm”, which is perfect for anyone crunched for time.  Along with being quick, the briefs are made enjoyable with their witty wording.  It’s great to read while you’re eating breakfast or on your morning commute (as long as you’re not driving of course). You can check out today’s Skimm right here.

Once you have found some topics that interest you, I would highly recommend looking at a news website to further your knowledge. CNN is usually my go to, but you can also use: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Yahoo, NPR, LA Times, BBC, Financial Times and the list goes on. Feel free to try one or all of the above to find out which one is best for you.

And finally, if you are looking to stay up to date on all the coolest socially conscious goods, feel free to subscribe to my blog to get emails every time I post something new. Just click the follow + button at the bottom of the screen (it pops up when you scroll down) and submit your email so you never miss a post!

One thought on “Keepin’ Up With What’s What

  1. Love cnn morning top 5. Thanks!

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